How Valuable is Your College Degree?

The value of your degree depends largely on your major. Certain majors are worth a lot more than others. In fact, the variation in the earnings of two individuals is the difference between one major and another. Recent studies show that not all college degrees are equal in worth which is why students need to pay attention to their earning potential when choosing a major.

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Approximately over 30 million jobs are expected to open within the next decade and only those with some form of education will be able to rise up and go beyond their class boundaries. The impact of recession is still there, having led to the rise in demand of specialized degrees and overrunning the common high school diplomas. The value of a degree is undeniable. On average an individual with a Bachelor’s degree earns more than an associate degree holder where as an associate degree holder is bound to earn more than a high school diploma holder – the difference in earnings is huge.

There are many fields where finding a job is now harder, however specialized degree are allowing fresh graduates to get into their fields of interest. So before you pick a major, make sure you do your homework. Know what your interests are, what abilities you have and how you can prepare for job prospects in your field of interest. Understand the difference between a technical job and a non-technical job.  This will help you in acquiring a firm grasp on the kind of career that is right for you.

A college degree not only improves the academic profile of an individual but also enhances his value in the job market. It is an official recognition that increases a student’s chances of a rewarding career. So what is it that makes one college degree more valuable than the others? Why do some university graduates get more job offers?

College degrees provide prospective employees an indication regarding student intelligence and commitment while the major you study determines your worth. Median earnings for in-demands majors exceed those of others. The truth is that not all degrees are valued in the marketplace equally. For busy professionals and working adults, continuing their education is a hard thing to do. Online education has made this feat easy to achieve. Accredited online degrees, like those offered by MUST University, have the same value as traditional degrees and accepted by employers worldwide. However academic performance, college preference and major selection does matter when your degree value is determined which is why it is essential to consider all these factors before enrolling in any college.

Is Online Education Right for You?

There are countless benefits of choosing online education. The programs are cheaper than traditional courses, there is ample of flexibility, and there are no geographical or time constraints. Earning a degree online leaves almost no room for hindrances.

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However before you enroll in an online degree program you must decide if this kind of education is right for you or not and consider several factors.

  • Define Your Goals

Before you go on an online education route decide your career goals as these will help you in deciding the courses you need to take. Define why you need an online degree and if you are willing to pace yourself accordingly, by limited your family or work commitments.

  • Financial Queries

Find out the kind of financial aid options your various online universities offer. Many online schools around the world do not offer financial aid services, which makes it impossible for students with financial constraints to continue their studies. So before you start a program, find out how you can handle all tuition related queries.

  • Scholarship Funds

Just like at traditional higher education programs, there are financial resources available to help fund an online degree. Students should contact online providers directly or look for organizations that specifically offer scholarships for online education programs.

  • Expert Faculty

An online program is no good if it doesn’t save students a lot of money and doesn’t provide them quality instruction. Students consider online education for the major benefit of studying with international educators and benefiting from high quality programs.

  • Innovative Technology

No matter how good an online program is, if the school does not offer a good education management system or online tools then the experience of students can be hindered. Before enrolling in an online program ensure that your university offers innovative technology that supports it’s courses.

  • Stay Organized

If you are a working adult or a busy professional, organize yourself so you will be able to handle studies along with our professional and personal responsibilities. Students, traditional or virtual, already face ample of pressure to stay on top of their studies, and without a set schedule, they are likely to fall behind. So plan ahead and enroll in an online program only if you are capable of managing things.

Several universities around the world offer online courses to students. However, not all programs are accredited or worth taking. Before you enroll in an online program, conduct a thorough research regarding the career you wish to choose and its prospects. This will help you determine your academic route and earn a degree you won’t regret.

5 Ways to Determine the Legitimacy of an Online Degree

Credibility and legitimacy are two words that are used interchangeably to determine the authenticity of an online degree. Students who study online are generally questioned about the quality of their degrees. With the high number of diploma mills selling degrees worldwide it has become quite hard, although not impossible, to determine the credibility of a degree.

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This is where doing proper research comes in handy. Here are a few factors you ought to consider before deciding to enroll in any online university and paying your fee for any online degree program.

1.  Accreditation

This point cannot be stressed enough. Before you enroll in any online program, do ensure that the university offering it is approved by the US Department of Education, other international accreditation bodies, or by a state accrediting agency. Don’t take this lightly as an un-accredited degree is looked down upon by employers worldwide and will be only a waste of your precious time and money. Even if it takes a little long to get replies from authorities, go through with the process for your own good.

2.  Quality of Education

Before enrolling in any program, check online for reviews about that university or ask amongst your peers, family or office colleagues and ask people who have earned an online degree from that university. This is will give you a great hands-down idea about the credibility of a certain degree and help you determine that extent of knowledge a certain program provides so you will know whether it’s what you want to enroll in or not. You will also be able to understand if a certain program or online university preferred in the job market.

3.  Credible Faculty

Accredited online universities are expected to meet certain standards which apply to their faculty as well. Qualified industry experts with years of experience in their respective fields make for a great learning experience and are usually hired by accredited online universities.

4.  Market Reputation

Factors like the ones mentioned above are essential as far as the impression of an online university is concerned. Some universities have a strong reputation and their graduates are highly respected in the job market while others simply don’t enjoy enough prestige. Online universities have existed for a significant number of years now and accredited educational institutions are perceived to be much more credible than the recently established ones.

5.  Professional Acceptability

Certain careers like nursing, management, criminal justice, liberal arts are quite accepting of online degrees while traditional degrees are preferred over online in careers such as law, engineering, medicine actually discourage online degrees. So before enrolling in any program do find out the market value of the degree you are pursing and make the call accordingly.

These are some factors that can help you determine the credibility of an online university and its degrees. Your academic and professional profiles are some of the most important things in your life, that determine where you stand in life and for a brighter future it is essential that you avoid making any careless mistake in selecting an online university.

Delusions on Amplified Cost of Online Education

People across the world are discovering the benefits of online education as students continue to increasingly enroll in online programs at major universities. Thanks to a growing understanding and acceptance of technology, the stigma that came attached with obtaining an online degree has pretty much depleted, to an extent that employers around the globe are no longer hesitant about hiring graduates who pursue online education.

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With each passing year more busy professionals and students are now earning degrees from universities offering online programs. The major reason that online education gained ground fast was due to the flexibility and affordability it provided. This gradually led more students gradually towards online programs as compared to on-campus courses. Cost of tuition soon became the chief factor that determined the growth and success of online education.

However tuition rates for online education are said to have risen approximately by 50% within the last few years only, creating unfortunate financial constraints for many students interested in continuing their studies. This is largely a misconception as most people are still of the opinion that tuition fee for online programs is considerably higher than that of the courses being offered at traditional universities. This really isn’t the case. Most accredited online universities are offering online programs in far less rates that those being offered by traditional institutions.

A common misnomer people have regarding online degrees costing more is, because they think, that the professors at online educational institutions are paid more than traditional college professors. This is another misconception as online and traditional professors are typically paid the same salary regardless of the type of course they teach.

The technical cost of the software used for online classes is another feature considered to affect the overall cost of distance learning. Even though the tools used in a traditional set up cost almost the same, and the tools offered to teachers in a virtual classroom set up are provided regardless of whether the instructor uses them or not. The overall cost is approximately the same so how do you determine the worth of online learning and whether you want to pay the cost or not really depends on your situation entirely.

Individuals who are not working or don’t plan on working can apply in traditional institutes and complete their studies as full time students. However, for those who are living in a different country and are unable to attend the school of their choice, online education offers a cost effective solution, saving them the extra cost required to obtain a degree.

Every year thousands of students worldwide graduate with specialized degrees without setting foot in a classroom. A study showed that 54% of students are more actively engaged in their courses with the use of technology while 40% seem to agree that the quality of education offered through online programs is equal to that of a course taken in a traditional classroom.

Studies have shown overwhelming results for effective teaching methods and 70% of students agree to have learned more in the blended environment offered by virtual classrooms and forums. So if you are paying thousands of dollars to learn from an accredited online educational institution, you can be sure of the worth and easily debunk the misconceptions created regarding the cost of online education.

Overtaking Traditional Learning in Leaps and Bounds

Online education has taken over the world by storm. The biggest group to prefer it consists of working adults and busy professionals. Advancement in technology has made the world into one small place where everything is easily reachable and possible. People are more connected than they were years back. Almost everything is online now. From textbooks to online forums where students connect with teachers – it all combines to make online education a success.

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It is no longer a myth that online education is popular. A validation of this is the fact that big names in education are now offering online courses to students around the globe, making education accessible to all. For those who are used to studying in a traditional university, distance education can potentially be a drastically different experience. Now more and more schools are adopting online courses and offering affordable programs while further online collaboration is expected by the end of this year.

Innovation has taken distance learning to a whole new level in the last few years and the addition of well respected professors along with flexible online courses has made online learning a popular choice of students worldwide. There are no physical boundaries involved; giving individuals an unprecedented access to higher learning, as students from anywhere in the world can get access to classes at Ivy League universities at a much affordable rate.

According to a recent study conducted by an online academic hub, there has been a 45% increase in university enrollments since the inception of online education in major institutions around the world. While the traditional experience of college life is missing from this, however independent students and working adults can now easily study from the comfort of their home or office and save money.

College is a place where students build their social and professional networks, the kind they rely upon throughout their lives. Students living on campus also tend to mature much more quickly, as they take on new responsibilities and maintain a new level of independence. While many say that this experience is lost in traditional universities, we believe that you gain the same experience with a difference. Online students also build social and professional networks. In fact their networks have a wider scope and expand beyond their own country. Being connected to an international faculty and classmates, online students build stronger network and gain a broader experience than what a traditional college can offer. Also it’s a known fact that online students tend to be far more independent and better at time management than their counterparts.

As more universities add online programs in their curriculum, the traditional college experience is bound to change for the face of education for good.

How Accredited Online Degree Programs are a Great Option

The advent of technology has made things quicker and easier for us. It is a powerful tool that has facilitated us in achieving things that seemed impossible to attain not so long ago. From connecting with friends across the globe to shopping from the comfort of your home and even obtaining an accredited degree, everything has now become possible due to technology.

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Online universities are helping millions of students worldwide achieve their goals and turning their dreams into reality. Busy professionals, stay-at-home-moms, working adults and all others who used to find it impossible to continue studies due to their professional and personal commitments can now easily obtain degrees in their fields of interest.

It’s a known fact that accredited online universities provide students the opportunity to study and work simultaneously however that’s not the only benefit they offer. The major benefit of enrolling in an accredited online degree program is that you get to choose any school or program course no matter where you are located in the world. Many of us wish to study in universities that are located thousands of miles away and are perhaps unreachable. Imagine being able to enroll in an accredited online degree program offered by a school in London. Distance is no longer an issue as online universities are making education accessible to all.

One of the things that made online degree programs popular is the fact that anyone can attain a degree now from the comfort of their homes. You don’t necessarily have to spend four years studying in a traditional school just to obtain a degree when you can easily do it over a course of two year or less. However, if you plan to enroll in an online degree program make sure that you are committed and focused for achieving your educational goals. There are many students who fail to obtain their degrees because they lack self-discipline. Just because it is an online degree program, it doesn’t mean that it will be easy.

Conducting a thorough research regarding the university and its online degree program’s accreditation is the first step towards fulfilling your academic goals. Also make sure that you compare between two or more schools and check their program cost and flexibility before deciding on one. Some programs may be a bit more expensive as compared to the others while certain schools provide specialized programs not offered by other.

For those who are working full-time or part-time, online degree programs are the best option as they provide flexibility and allow you to self pace your program around your busy schedule. Distance learning has been helping students around the world to study according to their schedule, budget and time frame.

Are Online Degrees Worthless?

Online degrees steadily gained momentum and gradually became accepted over the years. A decade ago, people were more likely to scoff at the mention of online education but today renowned universities are offering online programs and supporting distance learning.

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There are countless positives of online education. It gives you more flexibility to study at your own pace, allows you to complete a degree on your own terms and provides cost effective solutions for the students. Additionally, it doesn’t limit you by geography and you can study in your favorite university from absolutely anywhere in the world. The convenience and affordability sounds good but before you enroll in an online university, the first question to ask yourself is if it’s right for you.

Finding the Right University

The initial step that determines the credibility of an online degree is accreditation. Before you enroll for an online degree, you need to check the accreditation of the university you opted for. There are several ways to check the validity of an online degree and conducting a thorough research is the best way to go. For starters, the university must be certified by the International Accreditation Organization (IAO) and other globally recognized education boards.

The next thing to consider is the cost of a degree and the financial aid a university offers to its students. Some schools charge more while other charge less. Once you have conducted meticulous research and shortlisted a few accredited universities, the next step should be to compare and analyze the cost of different programs. An accredited university will provide you financial aid services in terms of scholarships, loans and educational grants. This makes learning all the more affordable and feasible for students with financial constraints.

Making the Right Choice

The last step, though certainly not the least, is based on self evaluation. This might seem like an unnecessary step but it is nevertheless an essential one. Unless a student is self-motivated and disciplined, it unlikely that he will be able to perform well. Many students end up blaming the university’s quality of education and overlook their own lack of commitment. While online degree programs offer flexible schedules that can be paced around your busy professional and personal life, don’t let yourself assume that it will be an easy feat to accomplish. You are still required to submit assignments on time and follow strict deadlines for projects. This is why many online universities also take admission tests, so they can determine the caliber of potential students before enrolling them for a degree program. So if you have a hard time studying on your own or lack discipline, you might probably want to reconsider your options.

Online degree programs have gained popularity over the years. The flexibility, affordability and the quality of education is what drives many busy professional and working adults to distance education. These universities not only provide great online learning resources but also have an experienced fleet of international faculty and a global student community that facilitates in developing skills and expertise of the learners. So before you go ahead and assume that an online degree is worthless, conduct a detailed research, find accredited programs and do analyze yourself. Think about your desired career and whether or not you are capable of managing a self-paced study routine. For those who want academic excellence or professional success, an online degree is a worthwhile option and possibly the best choice to make.

7 Ways Tell if Your University is Accredited

The rise in distance learning eventually led to the growth of numerous online universities. Today there are thousands of institutions claiming to provide online learning. With so many educational institutions to choose from, sometimes it becomes hard to differentiate between accredited universities and degree mills.

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Fear not! There are ways a student can tell the difference between an accredited online university and degree mills. Let us show you how.

1.  Authentic Website

Accredited universities generally have a website where you can find details related to everything they offer. From programs to class schedules, faculty and contact information – everything is available on their website for the whole world to see. A degree mill will not have a credible website.

2.  Quality of Syllabus

Authentic universities keep updated syllabus information on their website. Details regarding various online degree programs a university offers and the range of fields it caters to should be available online.

3.  Expert Faculty

Accredited educational institutions have a global faculty that is both experienced and expert in their field of learning. Potential students can easily find details regarding the teachers on the school’s website. They will also provide students with the opportunity to interact with the faculty where as degree mills will do no such thing.

4.  Online Resources

Before you enroll in an online degree program make sure that you check the kind of learning tools they provide. Accredited universities offer their student community an array of learning tools including online resources, e-libraries, forums and a learning management system. Degree mills are least likely to provide these resources.

5.  Financial Aid

Accredited universities are known to provide financial aid to their students. These are generally provided in the form of scholarships and grants. Before enrolling in a distance learning institution students should make sure that the university offers financial aid. Degree mills will not provide you any such aid.

6.  Admission Process

Universities offering accredited online degrees generally conduct an entrance exam and interview before admitting any student. Degree mills will conduct no such interview or exam and they will be charging a high tuition fee to their students.

7.  Practical Training

Anyone enrolled in an accredited university will tell you that attending online classes regularly is a must. Experienced faculty of these institutions will assist students in learning and provide practical training via forums and online lectures. Degree mills do not require students to attend classes regularly. In fact most of them will provide you with a degree without taking any classes.

Education is your next step to a better career which is why it is essential that you opt for an accredited university. An authentic online degree is recognized by employers worldwide and ensures improved job opportunities. Beware of degree mills and conduct a thorough research before you enroll in an online university.

The Deal about Accredited Online Degrees

Anyone planning to pursue an online degree program must be aware of the importance of accreditation. It means that before you enroll for a course in any university; you must verify its authority and credibility, to save yourself from scam. Accreditation ensures quality education as accrediting agencies only provide certification to educational institutes that fall under a certain criteria. In U.S alone there are various regional accreditation boards that evaluate and review the quality of education provided by these online institutions.

MUST University Accreditation

What is an Accredited Degree?

An accredited online degree is approved by authorized agencies and is recognized by employers internationally. It not only ensures that you receive the highest quality of online education but also gives you the ability to transfer your credits to another school, if the need arises.

Importance of an Accredited Online Degree

Accredited universities provide the best level of education as compared to other institutes, which is why they generally have a set standard of admission. Receiving an online accredited degree is a major step, therefore you would want to be careful and verify the authority of an institute before enrolling.

How to Verify the Accreditation of a University?

The sudden rise in online degree programs might have made it difficult for students to know which ones are worth choosing, but certainly not impossible. There are a number of ways by which you can verify the accreditation of an online university.

  • If the university is U.S based, log on to the U.S Department of Education’s database and verify the institute and its programs.
  • Research online to check if the university has a strong presence on the internet.
  • Contact the institute’s faculty and alumni.
  • Get in touch with their admissions department and speak with a counselor.
  • You can also contact the Council for Education Certification to verify the certification of a university’s faculty.

Remember to only opt for online degree programs that are accredited and recognized by education authorities.

How to confirm the accreditation status of an online university?

Nowadays, the term ‘accreditation’ is doing the rounds amidst discussions related to education, most particularly online education. It is a term that has become synonymous with quality education and which has, for many students as well as teachers, become the foremost criteria when it comes to learning. But what exactly is accreditation? Why is it so important?

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The general definition of ‘accreditation’ is to be officially authorized or approved. An educational institution that is accredited is automatically considered to be an institution of high standard that emphasizes on quality and excellence of service. Many colleges and universities seek accreditation from leading accreditation agencies that are recognized by the ministry of education.

These agencies require educational institutions to fulfill certain criteria related to the quality of their curriculum, their faculty and the services they provide to students. Once they have effectively met the standards set by the agencies, these educational institutions are awarded the status of accreditation, which labels them as quality education schools.

There are several ways in which students can find out whether the college or university that they are studying in is internationally accredited. The first source of such information comes from the university’s own website; while reviewing an educational institution’s resources, students should look to see if it lists itself as accredited. If yes, then they should find out the name of the accrediting agency and check with the list of similar agencies that is maintained by their country’s ministry of education. To check the legitimacy of the programs on offer, students can check with licensing boards in order to see if the said program is allowed to issue the types of degrees or diplomas on offer.

Another way to check the credibility of the organization is for students to conduct extensive research on the university’s faculty members, their professional backgrounds as well as their academic qualifications. By hiring highly qualified and talented professionals as faculty members, a university displays its commitment towards delivering a high standard of education. In addition, students can also check to see if credits obtained from the university in question can be transferred to any other four-year state university. The ability to transfer credits is considered a very attractive feature amongst the student community as it enables them to pursue their chosen degree at a different university without having to redo courses previously done.

MUST University is an internationally accredited university that has been awarded accreditation status by the International Accreditation Organization (IAO). The IAO awards accreditation status to educational institutions on the basis of the ‘Points Profile’. This serves as a benchmark against which colleges and universities academic and organizational profiles are assessed in order to determine their eligibility for accreditation. MUST University has been evaluated on the basis of Organizational Management, Academic Management and Institutional Performance and has successfully managed to achieve the status of an educational institution that provides high quality education. For students who wish to attain a high standard of education amidst an encouraging learning environment, MUST University proves as the ultimate choice.